Sunday, July 25, 2021

Urgent Health Matter

I sent this letter on June 16 and have had no reply. This is a health issue. "auto fluff contains mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, polyvinyl chloride and PCBs. The state of California considers auto fluff a hazardous waste requiring special disposal." says American Recycler News.

Mister Irving is an Architect, not a health professional of any kind.  The lack of response only serves to confirm that he is in way over his head.


Dear Minister Irving,

I am the owner of parcel # 05128103 in Annapolis County, a close neighbor of Arlington Heights C&D.  My property is recreational, and is crossed by a brook that is sourced in the dump, which you investigated  for illegally accepting  "autofluff".  "Autofluff" contains harmful substances such as Mercury and PCBs.   My understanding is that you confirmed that allegation.  

In an email to Andrew George, dated March 24, 2021, Jennifer Lonergan. District Manager of your Compliance and Enforcement Division, said "The department has conducted an inspection in regard to your complaint and compliance action has been taken."

Your predecessor, Gordon Wilson, wrote on October 1 2019:
 "Per previous correspondence with the department, "autofluff" is not an acceptable material for a C&D facility and must be disposed of at a 2nd generation landfill. The autofluff material that had been previously received at Arlington Heights C & D has been tested for metals using Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure and PCB. All concentrations of these materials were below the Canadian Standard. Although the department will not be allowing this practice to continue, the risk of environmental impact expected from previously accepted materials is considered low.

Since Minister Wilson permitted the disposal of "autofluff" for many months after his promise to curtail the practice, I see no reason to consider his reassurances about testing as anything but fantasy.

I am very concerned that my health is threatened by the presence of "autofluff" and do not understand why you have not notified me of the risk of personal exposure by, inhalation or ingestion, to toxins contained in this confirmed carcinogenic material.  Please identify the illegally dumped contaminants that I (and others) may have been exposed to, which may adversely impact our health, so that we may include the information in our personal health records in order to inform our doctors decisions.

In addition, my doctors would need to know the details of the 'compliance action'

Thank you for seeing to this.

Warren Reed

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