Friday, September 8, 2023

Water, water everywhere

 Seen on TV  August 30, 2023

According to their Canada Revenue filings, Ducks Unlimited has $454,902,395 in assets and $104,574,797 in revenue for 2021-22.

Still they accepted a $15,000 contribution from Dexter Construction as a condition of the province dropping a prosecution for illegally destroying a wetland.

Of course this is a secret.  We learned about this accidentally through a note from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to a third-party :

On February 23rd, 2022, after the conclusion of an investigation, charges were laid under section 50(2) of the Environment Act. As you mentioned, Arlington Heights C & D Limited (AHCD) was required to make a $15,000 donation to Ducks Unlimited. In addition, the company was required to provide compensation for the altered wetland at a ratio of 2:1. A signed agreement is in place for the construction of the new wetland which is in accordance with the Nova Scotia Wetland Conservation Policy. The decision to withdraw the charge was made by the Public Prosecution Service in consideration of the negotiated items mentioned above.

Yeah sure. Tim......  Didja get a guilty plea, or did you expunge their record?  

We have never seen this agreement, leading to speculation about its very existence and accuracy.  The illegally altered wetland looks like this:

Now no duck has ever visited this piece of real estate.  It is or was was the source of domestic water for 20 downslope homes.  Their water has never been tested because ECC is afraid of what they would find, but I'm sure it does not have the quality of the Perrier they consume at Dexter and Ducks Unlimited.

At Environment and Climate Change they do not drink water. 

Dexter gets immunity from prosecution, Ducks Unlimited proves to be just another big, greedy "charity", actual ducks get nothing, the people get (d)ucked and ECC gets to go back to sleep.  And the name has changed to the Public Persecution Service.

It's comfy in Dexter's pocket.


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