Sunday, October 24, 2021

Annapolis County Council - November 9th

 Oct. 24, 2021

Hi folks,

As you may know, Annapolis County Council will be considering three requests from the Waterkeepers at their meeting on Nov. 9th.


The first is a request to stop the growth of Arlington Heights by enacting zoning restrictions.


  The second is a request to enact a by-law banning the import of dangerous or hazardous waste into Annapolis County for disposal.

We have long been told that matters pertaining to the dump fall under Provincial Jurisdiction; however, the N.S. Court of Appeal has ruled that Municipalities do, in fact, have the right to regulate the disposal of hazardous materials within their boundaries.  There is therefore no legal impediment to enacting the by-law we request.


It is not completely clear, however, if that right to regulate may extend, wholly or in part, to pre-existing disposal facilities like Arlington.  Warden Parish has opined that it probably does not.  For clarity on this point we have also asked Council to seek a detailed, formal legal opinion on the matter.  We feel that such an opinion would be essential information to inform the language and intent of the by-law we have requested.


We are asking for letters of support for these three requests.  Letters should be sent to the County Clerk, Carolyn Young, with the request that they be distributed to all Councilors before Nov. 9th.


Depending on the results of discussions on the 9th, decisions might be taken at Council the following Tuesday, Nov. 16th.


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