Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Haligonians want their history back. They can visit the remains at AHC&D.

Hello People who Halifax! We’ve been out of touch, but a while back you signed the petition to stop the demolitions. Now we need your help to get others to sign it too... shorturl.at/dlxET
Here’s why. Demolitions Are Back... actually they never left. This week its a newly renovated, 4-unit, historic, iconic house at 2110 Robie Street. (pics below) The list of at least 450 demolition permits since January 2020 is growing (see map shorturl.at/dlxET)

Rebuild? Sure, when interest rates come down, when labour supply goes up, when the land can be flipped to a developer or when the demolisher feels good and ready. Meanwhile, HRM loses income and irreplaceable housing. Mid-town rental gets tighter. Hospital workers, students and others have farther to travel each day to come to work or study. And land values are inflated. FYI this same home wrecker recently got $62 million for selling a portion of his newly acquired lands left over from the ~27 buildings he demolished. That high cost gets added into the cost of any new build.

“Costing” ignores the climate out of greenhouse gases from the materials and products needed to unnecessarily replace the existing floor area, or for new buildings. It ignores the cost to the climate and biodiversity from the cutting of hundreds of mature, historic trees throughout HRM…free shade, habitat, pollution / noise reduction, reduction of heat-island effect, managing intensive rain and run-off management.
So thank you for signing the petition but now can you please help get others to help Show Halifax some ? Ask them to Sign on to Stop the Demolitions and to then spread the word. - shorturl.at/dlxET

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