Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Rabbit Hole

Descending was easy:

How did we get here, we innocents in Nova Scotia?  We followed the White Rabbit down to a topsy-turvey land where things just don't make sense.  Each step leads inexorably to the next.
  • Erasing inconvenient and powerless communities has a long history in Nova Scotia.  
  • Government acts on its own behalf, paying lip service to transparency, but striving for the opposite.  
  • Ministers know little of their department except political considerations.
  • The attention span of government is from now to the next election.  
  • Lobbyists have undue power.  
  • The incentives favour last year's methods, measurements and science.  
  • Creativity is stifled and unrewarded.  
  • Procedures are designed to favour insiders.
Digging out is hard.

  • It counters vested interests
  • It requires hard work for no pay
  • The long term vision is very distant
  • The rewards are very great
    • Community
    • A job well done
    • Legacy
Or we can leave it to the rabbits.

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