Friday, May 7, 2021


 In North Carolina, many hazardous waste facilities are privately owned, just like AHC&D.  They are strictly regulated by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, which oversees thousands of sites. Here is a map of just a few of the 100 or so counties in the state:

You can access it here.

You can access every document relevant to a site. Let's see what Triangle Auto Salvage turns up.

Looks like annual inspections.  Let's see the one for 2013 - an 8 page detailed accounting of compliance in several areas:

In Nova Scotia, you can find Industrial Approvals here.  Most have highly specific reporting requirements like:

e) The Approval Holder shall submit an annual report to the Department, by December 31 of each year of sampling, documenting the following information: 
-sample monitoring results for groundwater chemistry; 
-depths of groundwater in monitoring wells; 
-a written discussion and interpretation of raw sampling data including notification of any trends observed and any necessary action to be taken as a result of those trends; 
-a summary of surface water monitoring, as indicated in Section 7; 
-revisions to the monitoring plans, as required.

Dexter Construction has 29 such permits.  The one for Sheet Harbour Quarry has 17 pages of conditions, and 12 reporting requirements.  Water quality and volume, fish populations, air quality - all are included, and many others.  Yet no annual reports are publicly available.  Although they affect your personal health, you need to FOIPOP them.  This part of the culture of secrecy at NSE - they go to great lengths to protect the right of business to poison you.

North Carolina seems miles ahead in accountability.

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